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Street Food is coming to Aarhus!

January is really frosting up, I’m snuggled up in my blanket with some Earl Grey, and I decided that my first post will be about the wonderful food events that have been popping up in Aarhus. Its so exciting to see the variety of cuisines and trades on offer…. its inspiring! Over the winter break I visited three street food markets; two were catered by Aarhus Street Food. For the “Sammen om Aarhus” event with Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard, he invited the public to come and exchange ideas, and taste free teasers from the street food market that will be opening in a permanent location come spring 2016. The other event was the Aarhus Street Food Julemarked on Bispetorv, which was also a teaser of things to come – unfortunately, I haven’t taken any pictures from that event.

Sammen om Aarhus with Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard
Sammen om Aarhus with Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard

#aarhusstreetfood med borgmester Jacob Bundsgaard. Mmmm jeg kunne ikke få nok den dag! #aarhusfood

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A slider-esque shawarma with red cabbage (delicious alternative for plain salad), decadent confit de canard with mashed potatoes and pomegranate seeds, Vietnamese spring rolls from the Bánh Mì Bandits, and “Rolex and sweet potato fries” from UGood. UGood serves Ugandan street food, in this case “Rolex” or “rolled eggs”. The dish consists of a chapati (a Ugandan pancake made of wheat or corn flour, carrots and onions) topped with an omelet with fresh basil and bell peppers, fresh tomatoes, spring onion, parsley and bell peppers. Further optional toppings can be avocado, turkey bacon and calvados-marinated chicken before it is all rolled up into a wrap.

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Aarhus Street Food is coming in Spring 2016!
Aarhus Street Food is coming in Spring 2016!

The next event I went to was the Godsbanens Julemarked, catered by Kødbyens Mad og Marked. It was an amazing mix of arts & crafts and yummy delicacies. But I was of course a bit more preoccupied with the aforementioned yummy delicacies….

Brioche med confit de canard og hjemmelavet gløgg #godsbanensjulemarked2015 #vesterlauget #aarhusfood

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The confit de canard from Vesterlauget‘s stand was deliciously fatty and the mustard dressing was excellent at cutting through it… I have to admit, I think I have developed quite a bit of a soft spot for the french specialty. Vesterlauget have their restaurant on Vestergade 50.

Craving fish and chips with tartar sauce <3 #crazychips #godsbanensjulemarked2015 #aarhusfood

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Fish and chips with tartar sauce in newspaper from Crazy Chips… just like they did at the ‘Bervie Chipper (I lived in a Scotland for a spell)! The nostalgia is real!

Street Coffee also came for a visit in their little red truck to sell what they are obviously know for… coffee 🙂 Their physical shop in Aarhus can be found on Vestergade 52. Amongst the food stalls, there was also a stall for Kopmosegaard Gårdbutik where they were selling organic pork and beef. We stayed for a bit to find out more…

Kopmosegaard Gårdbutik
Kopmosegaard Gårdbutik
Kopmosegaard Gårdbutik organic beef.
Kopmosegaard Gårdbutik organic beef.

My boyfriend and I are on the organic band wagon, and so its always fascinating to discover local organic farmer boutiques. We found out that their Dexter cows graze on grass all year along – even in snow. The farm uses natural ingredients to produce the feed themselves, and emphasise sustainable farming and animal welfare. Instead of long transport times to an abattoir, the cows are slaughtered out on the field to reduce their stress levels. This is also supposed to make their meat taste better.

We bought a roast that we had for New Year’s Eve (it was indeed very tender!), a julemedister (Christmas sausage) and a beef heart. If you haven’t tried offal, and you are a meat eater, you really should consider giving it a go. Offal can offer a delightful change from ordinary beef, chicken or pork because of their distinct meaty flavours. One beef heart yields about 3-4 servings, and is usually sold at a relatively cheap price. When cooked properly, it is an interesting alternative to a hunk of steak.

*Edited 22nd January 2016

Set your calendars for June 10 because I just found out that there is another street food market on its way to Aarhus! Its called the Asian Culture Festival, with roots in Aalborg where there were 19000 visitors to the festival last year, and now they have announced they will be putting up stands in Odense, Aalborg, Copenhagen and Aarhus this summer.

You will be able to experience sushi courses, origami, asian dance and music, and street kitchens with cuisines from Vietnam, China, Philippines, Japan, Pakistan and Thailand. Dishes will be served in small tapas sizes, and they can be purchased for reasonable prices at the individual stalls.

The event organisers, Asian Culture Festival, are an NGO who aim to:

  • to encourage and promote cultural exchange betweem Asia and Denmark
  • to introduce asian culture, food, customs and travel to the Danish people
  • to give Danes exciting social and cultural experiences
  • to encourage and promote social integration of the asian community in Denmark
  • to create a mutual understanding between Danes and Asians

(Arranged in cooperation with Aarhus Kommune.)

See the Asian Culture Festival – Aarhus event on Facebook. Check out Asian Culture Festival’s Facebook Page also!

**Edited 10th April 2016

A few things have happened on the Aarhus street food scene since last I updated this post! Quick update:

  • On April 1, Aarhus Update reported that Aarhus Street Food has changed its name to Folkets Spisehus, and will be opening its door in the old DSB buildings by Aarhus Bus Terminal.
  • From April 16-17, Kødbyens Mad & Marked will be setting up its stands in Kulbroen again this year.
  • From April 23-24, Smag På Aarhus has arranged a more outdoors food mini-festival that they have called Vild Smag Festival. It will be taking place on Bispetorvet and the rest of Aarhus – the idea is built on the inspirational food we can make from foraging and wild ingredients. Vild Smag Festival is arranged by Smag på Aarhus, Aarhus Kommune, and Byhøst.
    Smag på Aarhus supported by Nordea-fonden.
  • From May 12-22, another street food market will be opening its doors. Street Food Festival Aarhus will be set up on Officerspladsen between AROS and Ridehuset.
  • On May 21, Godsbanens Forårsmarked will be opening its doors – it will be a bit more of a mix of arts & crafts, design, music, food and culture.
  • Two more street food markets have announced their opening:

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