Pain au chocolat | Chocolate Croissant


Mon chéri, mon pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant)

So those of you who saw my Instagram post Saturday know that I paid a visit to Briançon, my favourite place to pick up a decadent pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant) to accompany my morning coffee or tea. And in my opinion, as well as my boyfriend’s, one of the best if not THE best bakeries for bread and morning pastries in Aarhus center. But enough on that for a later post!

As I stepped into the warm bakery from the crisp winter air, the first thing I saw was the big stone oven in the back. Briançon (see my post about bakeries in Aarhus center) are known for their excellent breads, and their customers appreciate the love and dedication that goes into each bake. They use the cleanest ingredients and everything, from rolls to loafs, koldhæves (or cold-raises) for 24 hours before it is baked in their stone oven. The shop isn’t big, but it has a wonderful selection of different types of breads that will be perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Briancon brød og bager Åboulevarden 53 Aarhus
Briancon brød og bager Åboulevarden 53 Aarhus

Godmorgen #mitaarhus! #chocolatecroissant fra #briancon med #fredstedte blåbær

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The reason for my obosession for their chocolate croissants is also very plain and simple; the richness of the chocolate and pastry, its many well-structured layers, and the flaky crispiness of the outer crust is the best thing I know… on any morning! You can definately taste their fondness for butter in the pastry, which I truly believe is one of their secrets to success.

Rich flaky chocolate croissant from Briancon
Rich flaky chocolate croissant from Briancon

Along with their baked goods they also sell various specialty products such as bubbly from Champagne, Kusmi tea, Estate coffee, and Valrhona chocolate. The bakery is run by sister and brother pair, Karina and Kenneth Trosborg, and they named it after a French Alpine town they had holidayed in several times. The town also had a bakery, whose elite standards they decided should also be available in Denmark. And I am only too glad that they did! Definately a bakery to visit – a bit pricey, but not much more than all the other luxury bakeries around town, and you can be sure its quality stuff!

Tip: Warm up the croissant in the oven before eating.

Opening hours:

Monday-Wednesday 07.00-17.30

Thursday-Friday 07.00-18.00

Saturday 07.00-16.00

Sunday 07.00-14.00

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